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Libby Hemphill

Principal Investigator

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We are actively recruiting parents, school personnel, and students over 18 for a study we’re conducting about cyberbullying - especially how you define it and how you think parents and schools should respond. We would like to interview you (via phone, Skype, Google Hangout, in person if you’re in Chicago, you name it!). We would take no more than 60 minutes of your time.

To volunteer, complete the form below. Libby Hemphill, the primary investigator, or Josh Guberman, a student working on the project, will be in touch. We will thank you for your time with a $20 Amazon gift card.

Don’t want to be interviewed, but you have examples of bullying from Instagram? Please send them our way by completing our examples of cyberbullying and harassment form.

Both of these data collection activities are part of the Cyberbullying Early Warning and Response System project. We are grateful to the Nayar Prize for their support.